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The Best Things in the World

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♥ Thank you so much :3

Commission Info

Commissions are currently CLOSED. I have to finish animations and work on some personal stuff, plus I have wrok. If you still want a commission, please send me a note and we will discuss it. WArNING: It might take a while to finish any commissions I accept this way.

Note this misspelling of "work". Note it.

Those Little Meteors

SOLIKE I am SUPER bad at close relationships, but I have some of the best friends in the world.

Mister Thomas Though you have not used dA in years, and probably won't see this until you are being a creeper and staring over my shoulder, I love you more than anything. You've had my back through the roughest year of my life and you're still here. I know we fight loads and I know we have troubles. But through it all, I have never stopped loving you. You brought laughter back into my life after I thought I had lost everything. You care about how my day was and you go out of your way to do things for me. I cannot express how much you mean to me. Just know that, no matter how much we fight or what happens, I'll always love you and I will always have your back. I'm not going anywhere, love. <3 andyfra

Miss PaeFace. I love you sososo much. You're going to go so far! I know things are tough right now, but in a few years you'll be out and making your own life. You are a great artist and you find the funniest things to send me. And they really do brighten up my day. SOMUCH. I don't think I tell you that you make me smile /NEARLY/ enough. But you DO. Anyone would be lucky to meet you or be in your life. Don't let any one person tell you that you can't make it as far as you would like to. They don't know you and they certainly don't know what you can accomplish. I really wish I didn't sleep all the time, so that we could talk more. You're great. GREAT. Do not forget it. <3 faunkid

Miss Jefferson SHITSON. I have known you for yearssss. You are legit a great, great britian *cough* /PERSON/. Your art has improved so much since we met and you have got to teach me how to human. Like. How did you get so good at it? Gahhh, I really wished that we talked more. But my schedule and our timezones just plain suck. But, if you ever need someone to talk to, just message me on skype. I may take a while to reply, but I promise you that I will be there for you. You want to know what's bad? I cannot for the LIFE of me, remember how we met. I think back on it and you were just /there/. I swear you are freaking magic bro. MAGIC. I love you lots, my brit. <3 Googlyeyeseyes123

WyeWye Darling We have had quite the rough two years, have we not? I know for awhile we both thought that our friendship was lost. We had the terrible luck of hitting super low points at very similar times. I wish I could have protected you from everything that happened to you in 2012. I think that is something I wish almost daily. You should never of had to go through any of that. However, despite it all, you came out on top. You've got everything going for you and you are so strong. I'm glad people look up to you because you've got so much that people can learn from. You're gorgeous and smart and wonderful. Don't let people knock you down or tell you that you aren't worth it because you are. You are worth every single bit of it. Always. <3 BlitzEngles

Mister Ishy YOU SIR. Have some of the most wonderful art I have ever seen in my life. And on top of that, you are going to be a teacher. Damn. You have got things going for you even if that one roommate hoards toilet paper and is terribly mean. You're always a blast to talk to and you have the /BEST/ stories ever. Like omf. Your life is so interesting in those short paragraph stories. Who else has those things happen to them? I am running out of things to say about everyone, but you're one of my oldest friends on here and you're definitely one of the chillest. AND THE OLDEST. Every single time I think about that, I feel so freaking old. I don't think you understand. We are out on our own. None of my other friends can say that. Scary as fuck bro. <3 WolfieSpirit9

Wyeth's Box of Duv

: o jaimi just your text made me all gushy
u see what you do to me

<$# hELLO YES THis is wyeth agaIN
Jaimi is the preciousestprecious love in the whole wide world who eVeryone ever needs to have as a friend. She's super perfect and determined and a hUge inspiration to anyone who's all "hm i want to be a killer fuckin adult, but i don't know where to start" cos i mean who gets into a great relationship and has a house at 18 despite a shit family and lANDlord----
+ your art is always s o hella jfc sweet ass realism
stg i love you so much and i literally cannot convey hOw much you existing means to meeeeee alsoonce you're done roundhousing your landlord out of the courtroom we should reALLY meet up!!
((also i've been meaning to do this for like a straight up year but i was like "what if she changed her password, that'd be embarrassing to ask for--" bUT YOU DIDN't. incredible. stay gold, ponyboy.))

wythe wyett, with, weth, wyatt, notwyeth

Tom Bombadill

Name: Jaimi (Leafy/Jeefy/Jaycee/etc)
Gender: IronMan
Age/DOB: 19 / March 30th (I just realized that I had not updated this since before my 19th birthday and now I'm almost 20 ;-; )
Relationship Status: Taken (May 4th, 2012)
S.O.: Straight
Zodiac: Aries

Heya, this be Leafy (call me whatever you like, I refuse to list all of my nicknames. Not. Gonna. Happen.)
Enjoy my updated page *via Wyeth* c:
-Jawbreakers, Redhots, & Skittles are more legit than you.

Reference of My Mascot
.:Jaycee.Reference.Sheet.2012:. JULY by xxleaftrailxx or Urban New Ref by xxleaftrailxx

Commission Status

Points- CLOSED | Cash- CLOSED
Prices and info here:…
Commission Slots NOTE: My Slots Are Now Unlimited
1. SGW CO2 and Embraced (cash; not paid)
2. Mini AMV Vanilla Twilight (cash;Paid)
3. PMV 30 Minutes (cash; waiting for payment to arrive)

Plz Accounts? I think yes.
NOTE: I suck at updating this thing, so remind me if it has been over three years since you asked. :I


**Whatever I want.
**Wyewye, I see what you did there.

Journal Dolls by BlitzEnglesParadox-Zee
Custom Box Background by frozensummoner

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That Ass That I Love That NEVER GETS ON


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Favorite Artists


(Please note: if you are not on here and know me well/consider me a close friend, DO NOT TAKE OFFENCE. I have a terrible memory >>)


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you're both really rad people and amazing artists and ur friendship os so great too eek
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